MarriedPeople Partnership SAMPLE PACK

A MarriedPeople partnership provides you with the resources, training, and community you need for an effective marriage strategy at your church.

What's in the sample pack?

  • A larger group communicator video sample
  • Program order for a larger group event
  • A small group study video sample
  • Leader guide from a small group study
  • A date night PDF
  • A MarriedPeople Monthly email template
  • A year-long overview of the resources
  • Examples of social media graphics

Why partner with MarriedPeople?


We give you plug-and-play marriage resources you can share with the married couples in your church and community.


MarriedPeople has a different approach when it comes to marriage ministry, but we promise to makes things clear every step of the way.


We’ve created an online and in-person community of church leaders who want to make marriage a great thing.

“We had a hard time finding other resources that focused on enriching all marriages rather than just those starting out or in crisis. Since we deeply believe in the approach, this is the only marriage ministry resources we would think to recommend.”

-LESLIE MILLS, Meadow Heights Church

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